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HTML Images scalabitity

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By: Luc Feys - telenko28

HTML Images scalabitity

2005-02-07 06:27



I have a report containing several runtime generated charts (using JFreeChart) in a web application. The report is returned as an HTML stream and the images are stored in an image map in the session (just like in the webapp example). But if I check the downloaded size of each such report it can be up to 5MB. This means that each of my users will have a session of several MB's which

will be a problem if the application serves up to a few hundred concurrent users.

Has anyone else been confronted with a similar problem? I was thinking of having the generated images stored in the expanded directory structure of my webapp, but the problem is all images are given default names by jasperreports (img1, img2, ...) which will cause the images of one user being overwritten by those of another user. Is there a workaround for this problem or should I just forget about storing the images in a directory and search for another solulion?


Any advice or hints would be welcome.

Thanks a lot.


Luc Feys





By: Andreas Mitterer - mitterea

RE: HTML Images scalabitity

2005-02-08 05:02

I'm trying the same. I have a servlet that generates some charts using JFreeChart.


What I absolutely can't understand is why does the JRHtmlExporter have to copy all images into a map or directory? It would be sufficient just to include the URL of an image into the generated html file.


I'm currently trying to write a HtmlExporter that just includes the given image URLs into the output html file.



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