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Second subreport missing

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By: James Medlock - jmedlock

Second subreport missing

2005-02-06 11:53

I have a master report with 2 subreports, each in it's own group. The first subreport is a table, the second is a chart generated using JFreeChart. Each report works on it's own. When they are included in the master reports everything works fine until the first subreport is reduced in size to something less than the height of the second subreport (by having less rows), at which point the second subreport is not displayed.


Any ideas, or in general advice on debugging when items are missing in the final report?







By: MLA - dozylocal

RE: Second subreport missing

2005-02-06 21:58

Try setting the position of the first subreport to "FixRelativeToTop" and the second to "Float" . This seemed to work for me if there were 3 or fewer subreports. Doesn't seem to work as well for more than three.

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