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By: barnye - barnye


2005-02-04 00:59

Hi, I have yesterday read whole day this forum and not found any solution to my problem.


I have one report and this report read data from Custom Datasource which is exteded from JRAbstractBeanDataSourceProvider. For example, I fill this DataSourceProvider with JRBeanCollectionDataSource(collection).This collection contains Bean CustomerImpl.


Now I would like to add to bean CustomerImpl this getter.


public Collection getServices() {



and this return collection associated to the Customer. This collection data i would like to display into subreport on customerPage.


Whole report shows collection of Customers and their collection of services...


I am confused what I have to return to the subreport.

I have set in subreport the dataSourceExpression ? But I dont know which type have to be this expression . DataSource (i.e. JRBeanCollectionDataSource) or BeanDataSourceProvider (i.e. JRAbstractBeanDataSourceProvider)...


Thanx for any suggestion...



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