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Keep Group together

2004 IR Help

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By: Alexander Schulz - hupasc

Keep Group together

2004-03-25 03:26



we have a little Problem with the groups.


Here a little example:


group by city with several products in the details:



Product 1



Product 1

Product 2



Product 1

Product 3

Product 4


So let us say that Berlin and Hamburg totally fit on the first page. But there is not enough space on the page left to print the group "Munich" completly on the same page. Now I want jasperreport to print the hole group "Munich" on the next page. How do I do that.


In some other reporttools (e.g. ReportBuilder for Delphi) there is an option called "Keep group together". Is there any equivalent option in jasperreport?


Thanks for your help.


P.S. Due to our technical situation we are not able to use SubReports at the moment.









By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Keep Group together

2004-03-25 11:38




This could only be achieved with subreports placed

inside bands that have isSplitAllowed="false".


Thank you,







By: Peter van Raamsdonk - peetzer

RE: Keep Group together

2005-02-02 23:53

Request: Can the option ''isSplitAllowed'' also be added to the group section?


Because placing this inside the bands have no effect if you use a header, detail and footer which all can be used in one group.


Placing a subreport is a work around.


Thanks in advance for looking into it,


Kinds regards Peter

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