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help:alternate background colors for datarows

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By: pennypacker - pennypacker

help:alternate background colors for datarows

2005-01-27 18:11

I am having problems alternating colors with my datarow. I am able to do simple ones like odd-even alternating.

My question is, Is it possible to have alternating datarow background color based on date?

For instance:


10251 Buenos Aires 07/15/2001 98.64 <-------------- Grey bg

10263 Paris 10/19/2001 106.75 <-------------- White bg

11320 Caracas 10/19/2001 88.10 <-------------- White bg

11111 AAAAAA 10/19/2001 98.64 <-------------- White bg

11112 BBBBBB 10/21/2001 106.75 <-------------- Grey bg

11113 CCCCCC 10/21/2001 88.10 <-------------- Grey bg

11114 DDDDDD 11/03/2001 11.00 <------------- White bg

11114 EEEEEE 11/03/2001 11.00 <------------- White bg







By: David Lim - aberrant80

RE: help:alternate background colors for data

2005-01-27 23:56

of course. all u need to do is to code the printWhenExpression correctly.





By: pennypacker - pennypacker

RE: help:alternate background colors for data

2005-01-28 00:40

any hints how this can be done?

I am able to alternate between odd/even rows using the REPORT_COUNT variable, but in this instance how do if know if a date has changed and hence alternate between colors? thanks!

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