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error evaulating expression : image_1

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By: bpdy9fg - bpdy9fg

error evaulating expression : image_1

2005-01-25 09:18

Hi folks,


Would anyone have any ideas why this error is being produced. The object returned from getObject() of the ChartReportParameter below is a JFreeChart.


17:04:58,473 ERROR [ReportGenerationMgr] Unable to fill report: com.foundation.reports.ReportException: Error evaluating expressio

: image_1

Source text : ((com.foundation.reports.parameter.ChartReportParameter)$P{chart1}).getObject()

com.foundation.reports.ReportException: Error evaluating expression : image_1


Any help would be appreciated.









By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: error evaulating expression : image_1

2005-01-25 10:07




I suspect it it about a class cast exception because

you cannot put JFreeChart objects directly inside

an image expression.

You need to wrap them inside a JRRenderable



Take a look at the supplied "jfreechart" sample supplied

with the distribution.


I hope this helps.







By: bpdy9fg - bpdy9fg

null pointer question with version 0.6.4...

2005-01-26 06:30

Thanks .. I think I cleared that up (error evaulating expression : image_1) .. however now I am getting a null pointer exception in JRVerticalFiller.addPage() ... (release 0.6.4) .. at this point


new Integer(((Number)calculator.getPageNumber().getValue()).intValue() + 1)



I get a null pointer at the getValue() call. This is while filling the report.


Why would this be? Is there anything specific I need to be set in the xml file? The report should only be one page so I don't understand why it (or is it) tries to add a new page.




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