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Extremely complex report

2004 IR Help

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By: Joserra - txerra333

Extremely complex report

2004-12-23 01:58

I'm completely new to JasperReports, and the very first thing I must do with JasperReports sounds difficult.

I have a product list, with one checkbox in each product. The user selects the products he want to display and clicks "Submit".

I have to generate a PDF file with all the products, each product must have its own detail, with a lot of information, dinamically generated of course.

How can I do this? A brief - structural help is welcome, but if you know some tutorial (have searched but not found) better for me.


Thanks all





By: CleverFool - cleverfool

RE: Extremely complex report

2004-12-23 02:18

Sounds extreme simple (if I understood task corectly). You just:

1. Create JRDataSource which will contain all details of every selected product;

2. Create report with detail band, containing all needed fields;

3. Then you just export report to PDF populating it with created datasource;

4. That's all. Sounds very simple to me.





By: Burn_in_mind - survivor_pan

RE: Extremely complex report

2004-12-26 19:32

Maybe you can use a tool such as ireport to help you!





By: AvishekSinha - avisheksinha

RE: Extremely complex report

2005-01-25 04:40

Hi Friends I have a similar problem,


Can anyone help?

Even I want to start the description of different products on a new page.








By: Agiler - agiler

RE: Extremely complex report

2005-01-25 05:07

Use groups and select "start on a new page"





By: Joserra - txerra333

RE: Extremely complex report

2004-12-23 02:33

Thanks for the reply, but I think I need more detailed help...

I can get the product Resultset easily, that's not a problem. But, what's a band? Really really I've find any documentation about jasperReport, but all I get is very short and incomplete!

Another consideration about the document format is that each product must start in a new page. Is this a big limitation?







By: David Lim - aberrant80

RE: Extremely complex report

2005-01-25 18:21

A band is a section in the report. You've looked at documentation? Well this information is actually covered in the tutorial.


As for your resultset, you could either use a parameterised SQL statement embedded in your report and pass in the user-selected parameters.


Or u can convert them to a JRDataSource. Look at the soruce code of the various subclasses of that and find one that's suitable for your data structure.

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