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xml datasource with embedded style tags

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By: Regis Piccand - piccandr

xml datasource with embedded style tags

2005-01-20 08:55

Hi all,


I am currently evaluating Jasper to be embedded in an intranet web app (struts, jsp, hibernate) for pdf generation.


We will use xml streams and will need to include formatting information in some fields (bold, italic, underline, font size, bullets, paragraph, colors) in our data.


I have made some tests with StyledText in static fields and feel like it is not very well supported in PDF.


My questions are:

- are there converters available (html2jasperStyleTags ... ??!!??) to generate appropriate style tags, based on formatted html or rtf flows (that could be CDATA in the xml flow) ?

- how "portable" are the style tags - are they well supported in PDF, HTML, Excel ? What are the limitations you experienced ?

- is there a plan to support RTF exports in the "near" future ?


Many thanks in advance for sharing your experiences.


Kind regards,






By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: xml datasource with embedded style tags

2005-01-20 10:11




Currently there is no converter from HTML

to JasperReports style tags.


The style tags in JasperReports are all portable

in that the output is almost the same in AWT, PDF and

HTML format. However, the styled text is not supported

in XLS format where all these tags are ignored.


I recently received a proposition for a patch that will

introduce an RTL exporter. We'll probably see it soon

in the patches area.


What exactly is the problem you encountered when

using static styled text elements?


Thank you,







By: Regis Piccand - piccandr

RE: xml datasource with embedded style tags

2005-01-20 22:54

Hi Teodor,


Many thanks for this answer. The problem I had was with the isBold tag, which was not sufficient to produce bold text in PDF. I had to specify myFontName-Bold as font. Output in HTML was generated fine without having to specify the font though. I guess this is due to some limitations in the PDF specification ??


One of the requirements we have for the dynamic text fields is that we would like to include things like bulleted lists or paragraph indenting. So far, I haven't found out a way to achieve this. Do you know wether this is feasible ?


Many thanks for your support


Kind regards


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