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Subreport stretch

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By: Christian Stuellenberg - rubberduck

Subreport stretch

2005-01-11 06:53



I've got a problem with a subreport.


I've placed a subreport in the detail section (this is the only element in detail).


I'm trying to calculate a page sum of one of the detail fields for the page footer.


Now, if the subreport becomes stretched, and will be properly displayed on the next page, the sum on the page footer contains also the (detail) field of the field, which is displayed on the next page?!


So, the sum algorithm does not work proberly?


I've given the PAGE_NUMBER as arg to the subreport (as OUTER_PN) and this field contains is on the next page the NUMBER of the page of the orginating page. I expected, if the algo is working correct, in OUTER_PN the same number as PAGE_NUMBER.


What I'm doing wrong here?


Any help is appreciated.

Thnx in advance,






By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Subreport stretch

2005-01-11 08:17




Do you have a sample PDF that presents

this problem?

You could send it to me here:




Thank you,







By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Subreport stretch

2005-01-20 17:43




What happens in your case is that you have

a non splitting band (isSplitAllowed="false") and you

display some current total on the page footer.


The engine first evaluates all expressions including

your total and then tries to layout the band. Then it

sees that the band will split and will move everything

on the next page because of the non-splitting conditions.


But this is more like a visual feature in the sens that

your total on the page footer already takes into

account the last detail row that was supposed to be

on the current page but got moved to the next.


The way to see all this is like the detail row in fact

is part of the current page as far as calculations are



This is a delicate issue and modifying this behaviour

is not trivial. So I think things will remain like this at

least for a while.


Thank you,


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