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Problem facing in generating Ireports


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Hi Everyone,

From past two months we are trying to generate ireports in English language. Actually we are trying to generate around 29 reports for our application in English. But especially 4 reports are not generating in English language, they are generating in Chinese with some junk values. But in Windows Environment the same 4 reports generated in English, we are facing this problem only in Solaris Environment.

We have hardcoded "JRParameter.REPORT_LOCALE" to en_US instead of that also they got generated in Chinese language.

And we also removed zh_CN related properties file from the concerned folder, instead of that also they are generated in Chinese language, we are not getting from where these Chinese values are getting populated.

We also modified the font related tags, then compiled and placed .jrxml file in the respective folder, instead of doing that also we couldn't able to sort out.

Here is the font tag we used:

<font fontName="Arial" pdfFontName="Helvetica" size="8" isBold="true" isItalic="false" isUnderline="false" isPdfEmbedded ="false" pdfEncoding ="Cp1250"/>


Can you please help us in sorting out this problem, this is very critical issue for us.


Thanks in Advance.



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