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Group Header/Footer binding

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By: Christian Stuellenberg - rubberduck

Group Header/Footer binding

2005-01-13 03:41

Hello all,


I've already asked on the mailinglist, but maybe here's some out, who's not on the mailinglist:


I"ve got a question concerning group header/footer.


Is it possible to take care, that the group header is not the last entry on a page and that group footer is not the first entry on a new page?


What I mean is something like


















For the header I could enable "print header on each page" but then the other footer still be present at the bottom of the previous page.


"Min height to start a new page" also only seems to work if the height of the first detail section is known, which is not ever the case.


So, for the header everything might be ok, if the detail section is all times the same size, but what, if not.


And for the footer the last detail should also be wrapped to the next page, if there is not enough size left.


Am I missing a concept that should work?


Thnx in advance for your help,


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