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JasperReports from PHP?

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By: Juan Reyes - jreymol

JasperReports from PHP?

2005-01-11 12:57

Is it possible to call a JasperReport using php code?





By: Alexander Wallace - aows

RE: JasperReports from PHP?

2005-01-11 16:23

yes, there are many ways, you can write a webapp in java that serves reports to php or any other language, in this case you can use fopen or curl or any other way you want to stablish an http connection. This is the most scalable way.


In the other hand if you want to avoid running a web app for that, you can write some java classes that ultimately print the output to standard output and call those classes from php and return their output, something like:



header("Content-type: application/pdf");

$command = "/runReport.sh";




runReport.sh is a script that executes your java class that outputs your report, as a pdf in this case...


Hope that helps

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