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XML report display

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By: brent - bvbenson

XML report display

2005-01-11 05:08

How do I display multiple children nodes given a parent node. For instance this xml (due to spacing issues I am using - for easier readability):







------------<check pk="1">



------------<check pk="2">







Now, how I need to display it is in a single table







How can I have multiple checks and amounts be displayed for a given name and type?


The closest I have come to this is:







But that is not acceptable. Please help!!










By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: XML report display

2005-01-11 10:04




Have you tried the isPrintRepeatedValues="false"

for your first two columns?


Another solution would be to use the

<printWhenExpression> tag on your first two

columns by testing the build-in group count variable

to be equal to 1 (you need a group on contract).


I hope this helps.




I hope this helps.







By: brent - bvbenson

RE: XML report display

2005-01-11 12:48

I think the issue resides more in the fact that the two checks are under a contract, and the report is listing based on one row per contract. I was able to get around this with creating a sub-report, I just think I have to be doing something wrong. I would thing that JasperReport would be able to handle a record having 2 or more children records and displaying it similar to my original post. Please let me know if anyone can think of a better way than using a subreport. Thanks.



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