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Annoucing A Drupal-To-JasperReports Bridge


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I'd like to announce a new project to the JasperReports community.


I'm mostly a PHP developer, and have been developing applications with the Drupal CMS framework. It's a popular framework used in more than 50K web sites world wide, and is increasing being used in organizations that have serious reporting requirements, including many businesses and political campaigns.


To get data in Drupal out of the system for reporting, my company, Torenware Networks, has developed a servlet and plugin that communicates with Drupal (and Drupal's preferred CRM application, CiviCRM via XMLRPC. By using our plugin and servlet, you get the flexibility and power of Drupal's module system, and access to its large developer community. It's a quick way to develop web applications where you can plug in scores of drop-in modules to do just about anything you can do on-line. You also get access to JasperReports and its powerful reporting language.


We've just completed a project for a customer using the system, and we're about to release the source under the GPL. We're looking for other developers who need a PHP/Java bridge for their projects, and would be interested in testing and working with the code.


If you're interested. by all means contact me by email; my account is "rob" at my domain of "torenware" with a "dot" "com" (take that, spam bots). I'll be posting a sandbox site soon, and I'll post details on that here as well.



Rob Thorne

[url=http://www.torenware.com]Torenware Networks


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