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PDF is rendering differently on differend servers?


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Our J2EE software is based on Spring Framework and we use the Jasper Reports as reporting tool.


All the reports (single paged PDF-forms) have been designed by using Ireport.


However I have problem with Jasper Reports PDF rendering. The PDFs are rendered perfectly when the application is run on Tomcat (on Windows). The problems starts when I install the application on Oracle 10g (on AIX UNIX). The problem is that the PDF looks a bit differend. Biggest difference is the space between lines + some other. When the space between the rows is larger than on the original, the text doesn't fit to the text field on the report form.


One solution is ofcourse to enlarge the text fields, but on every situation it's not possible.


Does anybody have any idea why these PDFs renders differently?

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I too have the same problem ,where I use a windows machine for development but the server is on UNIX .

Not only on UNIX and windows but its slightingly different between two different windows also .


Our QA team is opening a bug for each label ,Its getting frustrating :(

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