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Variables and Report Info

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By: Kurt Hansen - poidog

Variables and Report Info

2003-12-30 09:13

Relatively new to JasperReports, so please forgive my ignorance.



1 - Is it possible to explicitly set a variable, while a report is running? For example, while running a report showing user information, could I set a flag that tells me if a particular person was found? (something like:

if ($F{userName}.equals("Bill"))

isFound = new Boolean(Boolean.TRUE)



2 - Is there some way to know if all the data from the data source has been processed? For example, from a group footer, can JasperReports tell if this is the last group footer?


Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks.





By: Mike Warne - mwarne

RE: Variables and Report Info

2004-01-09 13:27

you might be able to create a Boolean variable with the expression like

new Boolean(($F{userName}).equals("Bill"))


Then later you might be able test the variable

like this ($V{isBill}).booleanValue()


I probably don't have the syntax right..

go ahead experiment..

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