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Class Scriptlet Not Found

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By: Pattraporn - plain_text

Class Scriptlet Not Found

2003-12-28 19:42


In Sample Scriptlet , When I compile the XML code , there's an error like this 'Class Scriptlet Not Found' . What should i do ?

The Attribute scriptletClass="Scriptlet" and there is Scriptlet class file in the same folder with this sample report.


Thanks in advance..





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Class Scriptlet Not Found

2003-12-29 01:06




The class representing your scriptlet should

be present in the classpath.

In this case, the directory containig the

"Scriptlet" class file should be added to the



If you use "Ant", just launch "ant compile"

from the command prompt and the classpath

ant the other settings are already set.


I hope this helps.







By: Pattraporn - plain_text

RE: Class Scriptlet Not Found

2004-01-05 18:27

I added this path into classpath


but I still get same error.


What should i do ? Did i do anything wrong?


Thanks for your help.

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