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urgent... Empty rows

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By: G. Madhan Dennis - mdennis_2000

urgent... Empty rows

2003-12-30 03:19


I am having a wierd problem. I am using a custom data source. My report template has a few text fields, rows and a image. The image is being set programatically by sending it as an object in the parameters map. In the resulting PDF, the image is being displayed properly. However the text fields are empty. The data source returns 800+ fields. There are 800+ rows getting created the PDF's table since I can see the row seperators (horizontal lines), however the values are not getting displayed!! However for reports with row counts of 15-20 the rows are getting displayed properly !! No exceptions are being thrown!! Please help....





By: Anthony Presley - blurngr

RE: urgent... Empty rows

2003-12-30 07:21

I've had similar problems, but to solve this, I had to ensure that my band was not including any newline characters, and that the band was of a height capable of displaying the report data (which is currently my largest beef w/ Jasper). IE, if your band is not high enough, your data will not be displayed (but your 1 line horizontal separator likely will be).


Hope it helps....





By: G. Madhan Dennis - mdennis_2000

RE: urgent... Empty rows

2004-01-03 02:58

hi anthony,


thanks for the info. but the problem is that its not only rows, even the first page in which i am just showing normal fields is not working. And the best joke is, the reports are getting generated fine on one pc and they are not getting generated on another pc!!! I thought fonts might be the problem, but then I installed the same version of JDK (1.4.0) on both machines. Still no luck :(


- madhan

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