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Memory optimization for huge reports


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By: bonacigi - bonacigi

Memory optimization for huge reports

2004-03-12 04:54

I've just started to use JasperReports.


I read that the filling process take a JasperReport as input and fill it with data producing a JasperPrint object.

This object is then serialized to disk.


If the report is filled with a large amount of data (and this happens frequently in my case) there will be a big use of memory because the JasperPrint object is completely built in memory.

I tried a very simple report with (only the detail

with 2 small fields) 100000 records and the JVM

allocated 60-70 Mb of memory to complete the task.


It's not possible to swap or serializa to disk the single pages as they are filled and not the entire JasperPrint at the end ?


I think this will be a very useful feature, one that other report writers (which costs a lot of money:-)) actually don't have.




Giovanni Bonacini

Azienda Usl di Reggio-Emilia


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