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New User: using tomcat, jdk1.4.2


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By: Gerardo Moran - gvmoran

New User: using tomcat, jdk1.4.2

2004-02-09 07:54

Hi, I'm new using Jasper reports, I have seen the samples and I tried to run my own project, but the compiler can't find the jasperreports.dtd file. So the .XML file can not be validated. As the JDK documentation recommends I put jasperreports. jar file inside the folder <java_home>jrelibext but it doesn't work. As I already said, I'm using tomcat 4.1, jdk1.4.2, and Sun One Studio 4 community edition on win2000


If anyone can help me I will appreciate.





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: New User: using tomcat, jdk1.4.2

2004-02-14 04:29




Check the /demo/samples/webapp sample provided.

I don't think you need to put jasperreports.jar in the

"ext" directory.

You could either build a war file by calling "ant war"

in the sample directory or make a web application

context in tomcat to point to the sample directory.


I hope this helps.


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