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Multiple Charts


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By: LeRoux van Wyk - leroux

Multiple Charts

2004-02-09 00:26

Hi there


I've been browsing through the forum and I've also asked this quesiton on the mailing list, but I've been unable to find a solution to my problem. I'm trying to use JasperReports to print multiple charts on one report. I cannot just use multiple images because I don't know how many charts the user will want to display on the report. This is decided during runtime. How can I create a report to which I can send a dynamic amount of charts. Can anybody give me some examples?


Is this at all possible?





By: Ricardo Trindade - rjst

RE: Multiple Charts

2004-02-09 01:06



I think you have to programatically change your report to insert more charts. Examples are available on how to do this.





By: LeRoux van Wyk - leroux

RE: Multiple Charts

2004-02-09 01:12

I see you have posted a topic similiar to this one, but got an unsatisfactory answer. Did you manage to solve the problem?


Where should I look for these examples you mentioned?



By: Lars Kristensen - llk

RE: Multiple Charts

2004-02-11 05:37

Use a datasource to return the images. Then you can adjust your datasource at runtime to supply the number of images you want. I have used this method many times ..

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