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Displaying column totals


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By: suresh D - dsuresh

Displaying column totals

2003-12-23 01:01


I have the following columns,

Netflow cumulative flow.

now the values will be in a matrix form

Netflow Cumulative flow

10000 10000

-20000 -10000

if you see this example, netflow is obtained from the database and cumulative is obtained thru summing all the netflows.To acheive this i have declared a varible cunulativeTot with calculationType as "Sum" and gets reset on a certain group change.

now the problem is...

i get the values in the following fashion

Netflow Cumulative

10000 10000

-20000 300000

Somehow absolute value of the netflow is getting added in the second row.

Pls let me know what could be the reason....



By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Displaying column totals

2004-01-09 14:44




I have tested this and nothing seems to be wrong.

Please send me your report design.




Thank you,


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