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Deploying Jasper report in Tomcat


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By: Nitin Umranikar - login144

Deploying Jasper report in Tomcat

2004-01-01 22:13

Hi All,


I am trying to use the jasper report api in an applet ,but it ends in giving the following error:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: dori/jasper/engine/design/JasperDesign.


Actually the tomcat web application is working fine for other jars which are located in the WEB-INF/lib of the application root (such as jdbc drivers ect),except that when trying to invoke jasper api the applet crashes.Assume that all the required jasper report jars are placed correctly in WEb-INF/lib along with other jars.Platform is j2se 1.4.It seems that tomcat classloaders are unable to find that.But yes the compilation for the applet worked correctly with classpath pointing to japser jars.But at runtime tomcat should find these classes in WEB-INF/lib as it is doing to resolve other jars.Any clues?






By: Raj - rajs1

RE: Deploying Jasper report in Tomcat

2004-01-04 08:07

Try putting the jasper jar file in common/lib



By: Travis Hoffman - travis_stc

RE: Deploying Jasper report in Tomcat

2004-01-05 15:17

I had a similar situation. I have to modify a report's design based on user input, served from Tomcat. That involves compiling the report at query time. To do that, I had to set these properties:





I forget where I found this in the source, but search for "System.getProperty" in the JasperReports source code. I recall that there were a couple more properties, so you might check those out too.


Hope this helps!

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