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Could not load font from location ... iReport

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By: Dave Limer - limerdm

Could not load font from location ... iReport

2003-10-16 16:47


After MANY hours of troubleshooting I found teh answer to what seems to be a nagging issue, based on some of the posts here. If you use iReport, you will eventually find that it, by default specifies CP1252 encoding (note this is different than Cp1252 <<<<lower case 'p').

This will cause problems on JDK 1.3.x. The iText pkg will throw an UnsupportedEncodingException, which will then be trapped and hidden by jasperreports who will throw his own JRException saying font cannot be found.....


For whatever reason, this does not seem to be a problem for JDK 1.4+. Unfortunately I'm not lucky enough to use that in production yet.


The fix? Manually edit your xml files created by iReport and change CP1252 to Cp1252.






By: brigand silvere - brsilve

RE: Could not load font from location ... iReport

2003-10-28 05:58

Congretulation to find this, and thanks a lot :

I have searched it since a very long time





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Could not load font from location ... iRe

2003-12-19 14:49




The JasperReports code was updated to give more

details about the cause of the exception and do not

hide it anymore.


The fix is available in the CVS repository.


Thank you,


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