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Jasper view shown modally

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By: Alexander Wallace - aows

Jasper view shown modally

2003-12-11 10:46

Hi there, I had posted this in the discussion forum and did not get a response so I'll try it here... As always thanks in advance.


I would like to know if it is posiblle to show the jasper viewer in a modal way, so that when shown, code execution in a swing applet is stopped.


Right now I'm using a listener to know when the window is closed and procede from there, but it's a pain when multpible windows are to be shown one after another.


A no is also a good response, just want to know if it is possible at all and how or not, so that I jus keep doing it the way I'm doing it...







By: Alexander Wallace - aows

RE: Jasper view shown modally

2003-12-11 10:49

Well, I was wrong, I had one reply in the discussion forum... So sorry about this post...


I tried putting the jasper viewer in a dialog andshow it modally but although that seemed to work, when the print dialog is brought up, nothing on it was clickable, so this didn't work.



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