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how to use jasper reports to merge reports

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By: Honghai Zhang - haroldzhang

how to use jasper reports to merge reports

2003-12-03 14:07



I need to use jasper report to write multi page forms into a PDF file. Each page has different contents, meaning each page has contents that come from different tables in the Database. And each page has its own report fields just like the forms you can fill out but the form will be populated by data from the database. I am thinking to generate one report for each page of form and merge them into a one final PDF file. Is it the right way to do this? How to merge several reports into one PDF file if that is? Thanks





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: how to use jasper reports to merge report

2003-12-04 01:17




There are various ways to achieve this and the issue

has been discussed several times before on the



One solution is to use subreports inside a master


A second solution would be to have multiple reports

and to merge the generated documents.

You can merge either the resulting JasperPrint objects

by transfering pages from one object to another,

or to use iText to merge the final PDF files.


There is a proposed patch related to this here:




I hope this helps.


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