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Group Break on Odd numbered pages

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By: Glenn Owen - grubincan

Group Break on Odd numbered pages

2003-12-02 05:34

We have a report that is printed on double-sided paper.


The report is grouped and we don't want a new group to start on the back of a page.


Basically we want to be able to force each group to start on an new odd numbered page.


Is there a way to do this? (other than to run the report mulitple times, once for each group)











By: Glenn Owen - grubincan

RE: Group Break on Odd numbered pages

2003-12-03 05:20

Just so I'm clear, we want a report to print like this


Page 1 - Group1

Page 2 - Group1

Page 3 - Group2

Page 4 - Group2

Page 5 - Group2

Page 6 - (blank)

Page 7 - Group3

Page 8 - (blank)

Page 9 - Group4




Would this be possbile by adding a second group footer that is large enought to force a new page, that only prints if the group ends on a odd numbered page?





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Group Break on Odd numbered pages

2003-12-03 05:28




It think it worths trying.


Good luck!







By: Glenn Owen - grubincan

RE: Group Break on Odd numbered pages

2003-12-03 09:05

Yes it does work.


I created a second group that has the same <breakexpression> as the original group.


This second group only has a footer, which is sized to be slightly smaller than the printable page height and a <printWhenExpression> that is:


new Boolean($V{PAGE_NUMBER}.intValue() % 2 == 1)


So this footer will try to get added only on the bottom of odd numbered pages, and since it won't fit, it gets pushed onto the next even numbered page.


This forces a blank (even numbered) page so the next group will start printing on an odd numbered page.


Note that I needed to define this new group before the original group in the XML file, or else the real footer doesn't appear in the right place.

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