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sub report s are not displayed properly


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Hi all,

I am new to ireport and jasper.

I am using Ireport 1.2.0 for jasper report.


I have dividede my whole repots in main report and its 5 sub reports.

I put these sub reports in my main reports, my sub reports contain different graphs.

My final report has been created successfully but content(graphs) of my sub reports are not displayed properly. Mean I am facing alignment problem. some time my graph is dis played with only half part.

I have tried by putting all the graphs in frame tool but problem is not resolved please do some favour for me.

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Is it appropriate - or have you tried - for each of the sub reports, in the "report Properties" page, have you defined that the (*sub report) be printed on a new page?


Also, In the main report I assume then - that since you see some of the resulting subreport, that you created a group definition for each subreport...and in the groups (footer or header) you placed the reference to the sub report. I found by doing that and then adding a 'print when group changes' in the groups element properties page that I get my sub report to show up.


Sorry if this was stating something you've already tried.



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