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Last page problem

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By: Tomislav Videc - tvidec

Last page problem

2003-11-27 07:12

I have problem with printing elements on last page. If I'am on last page I should print some elements. I need condition for <printWhenExpression> that will indicate that this is the end. I tried with variables but it seems that neither one of built ones or user defined could do the job.

Important thing is that this element shouldn't be in summary.







By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Last page problem

2003-11-28 11:27




There must be some reason you cannot use

the summary section.

Anyway, it is not easy to tell that you are on the last


What if an element lower on this last page will stretch?

It would not be the last page anymore...


You can introduce an extra summary section if you

use the group footer of a dummy group that breaks

only once per report. Such a dummy group can have

its expression null. Its group footer will be printed at the end of the report.


I hope this helps.







By: Tomislav Videc - tvidec

RE: Last page problem

2003-12-01 01:42

I tried to do it but this doesn't solve my problem. Problem is that I must put some lines in page footer. This lines are used by packaging machine which is used to put reports in envelopes. This line system have algorithm that is command pattern for packaging machine. I'am adding all reports in one big pdf and only thing that is important for separating this reports is line system. So, I need this indicator that I'am on last page so I can draw this final line. I tried everything and I wasn't able to do it. Closest thing to solution was user defined variable which is counting some things and it is reset on group. I have alternative: it is some calculation in datasource bat it would be too expensive for my application. It would be great if I could do it in jasper.


I have one more question: when I am reseting some variables and it seems that variable is reset not when group is over but when first element from next section of the group is being added to group.




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