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No autoremove remaining text after space?

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By: Tobias Karlsson - tullabeah

No autoremove remaining text after space?

2003-11-12 07:51



I have a textfield with a fixed width.

If the text in that field is larger than the widht Jasper shows as much as can fit into this area, but if the String has a space character, jasper chops the text and presents only the text before this space.


What I need is for Jasper to print as much as possible of the text, regardless of spacecharacter in the String passed thru $F{}.


I can?t use StrechWithOwerFlow or redefine my width due to the specific and restricted design of my report.








By: Tobias Karlsson - tullabeah

RE: No autoremove remaining text after space?

2003-11-19 04:31

I?ve found a solution or workaround to this problem.


By determing how much space the text needs with a given font and fontsize I can use the subString method to chop the text into a correct size that will fit my field. This requires access to the values before they are passed into a DataSource.


But if someone has a better way to solve this, I?d be more than happy to listen.

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