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By: Joubie - adriaanjoubert

Chart quality

2003-11-07 08:44



I'm including several graphs (generated with ILog) in a report. Unfortunately the quality of the graphs is absolutely lamentable, and I cannot get it up to the standard required for a printed report.


Do you have any suggestions how to improve the output quality? I'm setting the size of the drawing area to the same size as the output, as otherwise bits get clipped - even though I have set "FillFrame".


Also, I can generate SVG, which ought to provide a completely scalable way of putting graphs into a report. I read that iText can handle SVG with Batik. Are there any hooks or plans to add SVG support to Jasper?









By: Joubie - adriaanjoubert

RE: Chart quality

2003-11-10 22:57

I found this patch




which works great. Unfortunately it is for 0.4.6 and I could not get the diffs to 4.6 to patch 5.0 cleanly. I looked around in the code a bit, but it will take a little while to get familiar enough with the code to not mess up. Any plans to issue an updated patch or, better still, integrate it with the next release of jasperreports?





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