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Sub: Getting a Jasper HTML Report into a stri

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By: raja rao budaraju - rajaraob

Sub: Getting a Jasper HTML Report into a stri

2003-11-05 05:35



I wanted to create a HTML report and in a web app and wanted to export html from a jprint file into a string (instead of a htmlfile!).


I thought the following api will be useful but doesnot seem to help,


static java.lang.String JasperExportManager.exportReportToHtmlFile(java.lang.String filename)


I wrote code as follows


String tempString;

String absolutePath="/<absolutepath>/datatestreport.jrprint"


tempString = JasperExportManager.exportReportToHtmlFile( absolutePath);


where absolutePath contains the absolute path of .jrprint file.


When i executed this , tempString contains "/<absolutepath>/datatestreport.jrprint"

(this is value of absolutePath variable passed to the function)!!!!


I donot understand what this function should be used for, and this does not seem to serve my purpose.



I would like to use some mechanism where the .jrprint is pre created and then populate this with data from a dB. But my bottleneck is that the output is only available in a html file. More over any images that are included in the report are linked with reference to the html file directory which does not seem to be configurable.


Please help me with more inputs about my requirement.


Thanks in Advance,



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