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Help with multiple SubReports

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By: Ashish - ashisharte

Help with multiple SubReports

2003-10-15 13:50

Hi all,


I have a problem with subreports: am trying to add two subreports on a single master report but not able to do that properly.


My report has a usual page header and the page footer and the detail band. I have put one subreport in the header and another in the footer but the one in the footer never prints.


Actually these reports contain the same data, so I started with repeating a single sub report but in two bands ( like showing same variable/parameter in two bands ), which did not work. So I created two parameters for the data sources as well as two sub reports but still found the second one missing. The data sources are filled separately and behave like two different sources.


Also, if I swap out either of them the second one prints, thats why I am sure the data they get are same.


I went through most of the messages but could not get any hint( I might have missed some messages)


So was wondering if such a thing is possible or am I doing it wrong ?


I would really appreciate if somebody can help me.


Thanks in advance.







By: Salvatore - sporty25

RE: Help with multiple SubReports

2003-11-03 08:51


the bands allowed to view subreport are:

Title, Detail and Summary...put one subreport in the header and one in the detail....it's fine!

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