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nested subreports

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By: T. Schlathoelter - tschlat

nested subreports

2003-10-30 14:50


I try to use nested subreports with custom

datasources. I have a master report (MR) that conatins a subreport (SR) which again contains a nested subreport (NSR). I have datasources for all three reports. I pass the subreport SR and NSR as well as the respective datasources to the MR when filling it using the JasperFillManager.fillReport() method. If I export the report to pdf, the SR is shown but the NSR is not. I placed some breakpoints in my NSR datasource but it is never called. It seems to me that the parameters (the NSR subreport and its datasource) are not passed to the SR subreport. If I place the NSR directly on the MR it is perfectly shown.<br/>I haven't found any detailed information on how to use subreports. Is it not possible to use them in such a nested way? Or am I just doing something wrong?<br/>


Help would be appreciated

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