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Newbie: Please helpp with JDBC-Problems

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By: Matthias Bechtel - matzehd

Newbie: Please helpp with JDBC-Problems

2003-10-08 00:08

Hello NG,


I installed myself Jasperreport and run the Webapps.

Unfortunately I found no documentation or examples of JDBC Connects.

I tried to convert that example WebappReport.xml on MySQL.


Without documentation however unfortunately not successfully. Perhaps someone would be so friendly and can give oneself a tip.


The 1. Question generally: Is it correctly that automatically the report without indication in the XML the data from the WebappDataSource does load? If, here my changes. I get either the error message: java.sql.SQLException: NO suitable more driver


getOutputStream() has already called for this response been


Many thanks in ahead.





public class WebappDataSource implements JRDataSource


private Connection dbCon;

private Statement stmt;

private ResultSet rs;

private String sql;

private Object[][] data = new Object [100][4];

private int index = -1;


public WebappDataSource()





dbCon = DriverManager.getConnection(("jdbc:mysql://;databasename=eBogen"),"root","");

stmt = dbCon.createStatement();

sql = "select * from address";

rs = stmt.executeQuery(sql);

index = 0;

while (rs.next())


data[index][0] = rs.getString("City");

data[index][1] = rs.getString("Id");

data[index][2] = rs.getString("Name");

data[index][3] = rs.getString("Street");




catch (Exception sqlex) {System.out.println(sqlex);}


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