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Big problem about report layout

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By: KW Lee - wing0000

Big problem about report layout

2003-10-06 19:24

Big problem about report layout


Hello all, I am very new in Jasper report, just picked up my colleague's work for a couple of days only

I found a problem when editting one of the reports:

the report shows some figure of a product through out the requested year,

like the following layout:


Jan Feb Mar ... Jun

figure 1 12 24 11 ... x

figure 2 4 3 0 ... y



figure n a b c ... z


page 1 shows the first 6 month and page 2 shows the remaining 6

and each of the pages filled with content for a bit more than half of the page

(there fore, most of the lower area of the page is empty)


and then according to users request, they wanna show all 12 months in a single page,

so i make the font size and row height smaller, and each of the row close to the upper one

in order to allow 2 blocks to appear in same page


however, the outcome is amazing since what i got was:



Jan Mar May

figure 1 12 11 11

figure 2 4 0 0



figure n a c c


Feb Apr Jun

24 1 1

3 2 2

. . .

. . .

b 3 3



there are still 2 pages for the report, and for each of the page, the right hand side is empty!!


gosh... that is 100% not what i want, what i missed that created this out come??

pls help!!!

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