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By: Michael Rimov - rimovm

Blank report?

2003-10-05 04:11

Hey All!


Came across a strange anomaly that I wanted to post here:


If a report is compiled that doesn't have a query associated with it. If I pass in a java.sql.Connection object, then a blank report is generated!


So I was able to solve it by:


JRQuery query = report.getQuery();


if (query == null) {


tempFile.getAbsolutePath(), getReportParameters(),

new JREmptyDataSource());

} else {


tempFile.getAbsolutePath(), getReportParameters(),




However, it just seemed really strange that the report filler would care about the datasource if there was no query. If it's a bug, I wanted to point it out (JR 0.5.0), and if not, hopefully it'll help somebody else working with it!


Thanks for a fine library!


-Mike ®





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Blank report?

2003-10-05 04:34




This is the intended behavior.

Why would someone expect the reporting engine

to iterate over some records when a connection

object was supplied, but inside the report there

is no query.


However, you might consider using

whenNoDataType="AllSectionsNoDetail" for your

report, if you want the engine to generate something

even when there are no records in the data source.


Thank you,


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