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Dynamic Detail Height per resulting row

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By: Robert Gleaton - rgleaton

Dynamic Detail Height per resulting row

2003-07-24 11:24

I have a report that is layed out vertically something like this:


Company: Bank of America Address: 101 Wyn St

CSG States: TX, OK, NV, WI, CA

WPG States: AR, FL, PA


I also have more rows for differenct states.

For the states fields and and text for the states, I have a print when declaration so if the states for a product are null, it won't print. When it does not print, I want to reclaim that space on the report. Float does not seem to help.


I also have stretch with overflow on. When the number of states exceeds 23, it starts a new line. However, it does not move the next row down to compensate for it. Position type float seems to help, however the text label does not follow suite.


The last thing is I want to make the detail band height dynamic so that when a line does not print we use that space for the next company.


Is it possible? Can anyone help?






By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Dynamic Detail Height per resulting row

2003-10-04 12:47




To reclaim space as you said, you also need to set

isRemoveLineWhenBlank="true" for you disappearing

text fields.

But note that this works only if there are no other

elements that share the same space with the

elements that do not print.

Only if the space is completely empty it will be



For example, this might not work if you have

vertical lines on the band sides.


I hope this helps.


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