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dynamic hyperlinks: HELP

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By: derick aranha - derickaranha

dynamic hyperlinks: HELP

2003-07-23 08:39

I've been struggling with this and have not been able to find a solution.I'd appreciate it any one could help me out here,maybe point me to a website where i could read up on dynamic hyperlinks for jasperreports.

I created a report with a hyperlink for each row based on a particular id for that row, obtained from the database.

So in the hyperlink reference expression field i have something like this-


This works fine when i compile and preview in iReports but when i run it from the website, it shows a hyperlinkreference_2 error and a classcast exception in the jasper fillreport() method.

It runs fine when i take the $F{PRODUCT_CD} off.

i.e. just ""

I've tried $F{PRODUCT_CD}.toString() too, but to no avail.

I dont think there's a data anomaly.For some reason jasper doesn't like it when i include dynamic values in the hyperlink.

I've even tried making a variable -"IDURL", with the field values put in the variable, and then using that in the hyperlink field as- $V{IDURL}.But this doesn't work either.

I could not find any sample reports with dynamic hyperlinks.Any help would be greatly appreciated.








By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: dynamic hyperlinks: HELP

2003-10-04 12:44




Can we see the exact exception stack trace?


Thank you,


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