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Sample EJB app with JasperReports?

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By: Dariusz Filipski - darekf

Sample EJB app with JasperReports?

2003-07-21 08:32



I have to write reporting tool using Enterprise Java Beans and BEA WebLogic and Tomcat servers. Unfortunatelly I'm new to EJB technology. I'm reading a lot but it would be faster and easier for me if I could see source code of sample EJB application using JasperReports and database data. Can somebody help me, please?

Best regards

Dariusz Filipski





By: Tjikal Jedy - tjikal

RE: Sample EJB app with JasperReports?

2003-07-24 01:18

public JasperPrint viewReport(String module, Map params, String reportPath) throws Exception {

try {

cw = new ConnectionWrapper();


try {

StringBuffer preCompPath = new StringBuffer();

if (reportPath != null && reportPath.length() > 0) {



} else {




if (params == null && params.size() <= 0)

params = new HashMap();


return JasperFillManager.fillReport(preCompPath.toString(), params, cw.getConnectionObj());


} catch (Exception e) {

throw new EJBException(e);


} catch (EJBException ejbe) {


throw ejbe;

} finally {

try {

if (cw != null) cw.close();

} catch (Exception e) {









By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Sample EJB app with JasperReports?

2003-10-04 12:24




I do not have a sample that uses EJB to fill a report

but I guess in this scenario people will get to use

the JRBeanCollectionDataSource to wrap collections

of beans.


I hope this helps.


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