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2 reports in same page.

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By: Johnny - v_johnny

2 reports in same page.

2003-08-04 02:43

Hi Forum Users..


I need a report in single page with 2 portion like frames in html.the top frame should be contsant and should have some hyperlinks and bottom frame should display the details whenever user clicks the hyperlink in the topframe.









By: Wes Gere - wesgere

RE: 2 reports in same page.

2003-08-28 15:34

I need to do this also. Putting reports in frames is easy, although Jasper doesn't do this for you. However, clicking in a report in one frame to put a new report result in another frame is the problem. Jasper does not seem to provide a way to set the "target" attribute of the html <a> tag when it generates a hyperlink. Have you found a way around this?







By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: 2 reports in same page.

2003-10-03 23:57




A possible solution is found here:




I hope this helps.


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