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Greek language / PDF

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By: david walters - david1203

Greek language / PDF

2003-09-26 07:45

Hi I'm having problems getting Greek characters to render properly in PDF - I've tried pdfEncoding ="Cp1253", but the characters appear all on top of each other.


Printing a report by any other means than PDF seems to work fine.


The only way I can get a correct PDF is to print to a PDF printer driver, from the JRViewer


Any ideas?







By: david walters - david1203

RE: Greek language / PDF

2003-09-26 08:08


ok I needed pdfEncoding="Identity-H", it works fine now

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I found a solution in the problem with greeks in pdf files


add to your classpath or windows path the c:windowsfonts folder, or where you store the systems fonts.


in the fields in the report set the following


font : arial.ttf

pdfEmbedded : checked

pdfEncoding : Identity-H


it works just fine for me with the above setup.

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