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Print sends huge amount

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By: Aaron McGee - erasmusmcgee

Print sends huge amount

2003-09-25 11:56

I'm very new to JR, and I have looked through what I coud find on-line. I couldn't find anything on this.


I am having a problem. A relativly simple report that produces a PDF file of 20KB is sending over 20MB of data to the printer when printed via JR (same result when using the viewer to print too) and as you might expect, blowing the print out.


I am on JR 0.5.0, Java SDK 1.4.1, Win 98SE, and printing to a HP8100 (using a 5Si driver) via a Win2K print server.


Any insights would be helpful.








By: Aaron McGee - erasmusmcgee

RE: Print sends huge amount

2003-09-25 14:32

Further research finds that...


When printing to an Inkjet, works fine.


When printing to the HP8100 using the HP3Si drivers, works fine.


This problem seems to be with Java/PCL5+


I shall attempt to run on PCL6 and on a non-HP PCL5 printer at some other time.


Still, I would like to know what gives. So any insights would still be of great value.



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