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using lists and array objects in jasper

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By: dandotkar shashikanth - dshashikanth

using lists and array objects in jasper

2003-08-28 03:43

i have to generate smth like this:


A_Name C_name value


1. A[0]

C[0] 1.00

C[1] 3.90

C[2] 90.22

2. A[1]

C[0] 44.99

C[1] 3.45

3. A[2]

C[0] 0.22

C[1] 2.34

C[2] 23.44

C[3] 2.33



i have the complete database and its working

object model.


class heirarchy:

each A object has

---other fields

---B object

each B object has

----other fields

----List of C objects

(eg: <List> getC(){} )

each C object has

----other fields




here evey time the name of A, B, C changes...

so i dont know exactly which fields i will to use...

it depends upon the fields i declare in xml file.. which i use to generate the



the classes which implement or extends JRDatasource or JRtableModel should not

be hardcoded.


so how to handle this in Jasperreports...


right now iam trying in this way:

field A_Name is declared as group..

but even then i cannot work...i dont know the C_name in which level it is

inside the A_Name object.


hope any one will provide me with some idea..to continue my work..









By: dandotkar shashikanth - dshashikanth

RE: using lists and array objects in jasper

2003-09-05 02:13

ok i could some how made this by making changes in the next method of datasource...and its working.

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