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Problem in adding rowwise...!

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By: Anuradha - anura

Problem in adding rowwise...!

2003-08-26 23:39


I want to add all the fields in my report that are ROWWISE...how can i do it?

But in the "VALUES FORM" in "RESET TYPE" i find only "COLUMN"...that's 'am able to add only Columnwise...'n not rowwise...

If i specify the reset type as column, 'am getting error!

Plzz help me in this regard..!


thanx a lot..







By: Gary Hill - gary_hill94

RE: Problem in adding rowwise...!

2003-08-28 05:43

You have two options here. You can sum selected columns in each row in your SQL query like this:


SELECT columnA, columnB, (columnA + columnB) as columnC FROM tablename


Another alternative is to use a report variable to sum fields in each row. The variable expression to sum two Double fields would look something like this:


<variableExpression>new Double((($V{columnA}.doubleValue()) + ($V{columnB}.doubleValue()))</variableExpression>


To avoid errors you should test for null values like this:


<variableExpression>new Double((($V{columnA} != null)?$V{columnA}.doubleValue():0) + (($V{columnB}!=null)?$V{columnB}.doubleValue():0))</variableExpression>


The calculation type for this variable should be "Nothing".


Hope this helps.





By: Anuradha - anura

RE: Problem in adding rowwise...!

2003-08-28 08:21


It worked out...Thanx a lot!




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