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Subreport Alignment

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By: John Augusto Charnet - jcharnet

Subreport Alignment

2003-08-25 06:56

I have a simple report that has in the detail band a subreport. I'm having trouble aligning this subreport.

My fields on the subreport report where dimensioned to take all the page width. And in my master report, i've streched my subreport to fit the page width. But when I generate my report, it stays off to the right instead of beeing in the position desinged at the subreport.

Any ideas ?


Thank you very much.








By: Sohan Kasula - skasula

RE: Subreport Alignment

2003-08-25 07:08

make sure you do not have any left margin specified. Sub reports don't need margins.





By: G᢯r M󣺡r - moczar

RE: Subreport Alignment

2003-08-25 07:09

Does your subreport has margins?

If it has, remove them all and try again.

May be ...

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