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Help! how can I fill the full page

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By: Winny Zhang - winnyzhang

Help! how can I fill the full page

2003-08-21 21:03


I am using jasper report now.



I fill the report with data source ,the total number of the records is two or three.

the page size is A4, so it will have many blanks under side of the page ,I hope it will

fill the report with blank content and line of landscape orientation reach the foot of the page.


How can I do ,thanks a lot





By: Ryan Johnson - delscovich

RE: Help! how can I fill the full page

2003-08-22 10:44

The only way I've figured out how to do that has two conditions:

First, you have to generate the content from a Java class and use a custom JRDataSource.

Second, the heights of everything has to be fixed (no stretching allowed anywhere) and you have to know how many detail rows fit on a single page report.


If those two are ok, then here's what you do:

1. Create a JRDataSource that you can manually add content to in some way (I use one that reads from an ArrayList of Object[]'s)

2. Get your data from wherever it comes from and count the number of rows

3. Add (total - rowcount) blank rows to the data source

4. Add the data rows

5. Give the data source to JR when filling the report


Hope that helps,






By: Winny Zhang - winnyzhang

RE: Help! how can I fill the full page

2003-08-22 21:09

Thanks a lot!


Seems I had to add blank rows to the data source.

I will try it .



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