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Jasper loops / hangs

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By: Henrik S. Larsen - skafsgaard

Jasper loops / hangs

2003-08-14 08:15

I have this report where the title page is to be split into to pages. Following another suggestion here a subreport is inserted in the master's title section.

And the actual title page is made in the subreport's title- and summary pages. So far just dummy text and and image.

The 2 xml files and compiled to jasper files with no warnings or errors, but Jasper hangs / loops when trying to generate the final pdf file.

Currently I'm running version 0.46

Any ideas?


mvh / regards

Henrik Skafsgaard Larsen





By: Sohan Kasula - skasula

RE: Jasper loops / hangs

2003-08-18 14:21

Check the band height of the master title page to make sure it is big enough for the subreport to fit in. It goes into loop if enough height in master title section is not available. Title, page headers have fixed height. Hope this helps.





By: Henrik S. Larsen - skafsgaard

RE: Jasper loops / hangs

2003-08-19 06:20

It did.


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