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Adobe Acrobat Version Requirements

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By: Mark Smith - ubbogus

Adobe Acrobat Version Requirements

2003-08-05 10:13

I have problems viewing reports in PDF format using Adobe Acrobat 5.0. If I use 6.0 I don't have the problem. (I know what your thinking :)


I'm running all reports through the same basic design template, compiling it and passing in different parameters at fill time. I then export to a PDF stream and redirect it to an HTTPResponse objects output stream. Some of the PDF streams load and are viewable but some are not when using 5.0 acrobat reader. All are viewable using 6.0 however. Anyone seen this or similar issues with 5.0? Anyone know the required version for iText?









By: David Hardwick - dhardwick

RE: Adobe Acrobat Version Requirements

2003-08-05 12:13

It could be a browser issue that Acrobat 6.0 compensates for, but 5.0 doesn't. If you are doing this test with IE, then I had the same problem.


Try it with Netscape to see if you have the problem with 5.0 still.




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