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Special Characters lost in CSV-Export


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Hello :).

I am totally lost... because Special characters like the German Umlauts are lost by JasperReports... but ONLY when goign to CSV. All other Formats show no Problem, the PDF don't, either... only the CSV-files.

Can anybody give me some idea how that can happen :blush: ?



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Are you sure?

Because I saw JasperReports running on another system... and it gave me perfectly valid CSV-Exports. Actually, I am workign with a slightly different version of the software that exports Umlaute successfully... just the version I am working on refuses to do so.

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How exactly are you exporting to CSV? What are you using as export output? Are you setting any export encoding? What exactly does the exporter output? What are you using to open the CSV file?


Only saying that characters are lost is not enough to understand what happens. Some samples wouldn't hurt either.




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The problem is that I actually have no idea how this happened.

I got a system (Java + Struts) wich uses Jasper Reports to create adress-lists and such. Before, the umlaute where displayed correctly, even in CSV-Exports.

Now, even reports that where not touched work on none of the developer-systems, and on none of the servers.

And that is basically the amount of information I have... that's why I need a hint where to start looking.

We changed NOTHING about the Jaqsperreport-settings, but as I said, even untouched reports get Unlaut-touble in CSV-Export, and ONLY there.


A very confused Layna.

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I have the same problem exporting a CSV file with the

spanish accented characters.

Really, the problem arises when using jasperreports2xx.jar.

With the 133 version there were no problems.

All other formats exportations are ok, including the txt exportation. Only fails the CSV. It generates a two byte code for this special characters.

I hope this helps.

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